mandibular nerve

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mandibular nerve

Abbreviation: CN V3
1. The inferior trunk of the trigeminal cranial nerve. The mandibular nerve is both sensory and motor.


The major sensory branches are the auriculotemporal, lingual, and inferior alveolar nerves, which innervate the lower teeth and gingivae and the skin of the lower lip, chin, and jaw up into the "sideburn area" in front of the ear.


The major motor branches are the lateral pterygoid, masseteric, deep temporal, and buccal nerves, which innervate the muscles of mastication (lateral and medial pterygoids, masseter, and temporalis).


The mandibular nerve leaves the skull via the foramen ovale.

2. A motor branch of the facial nerve (CN VII) that innervates the facial muscles of the lower lip and chin.
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For the mandibular nerve block, the needle is introduced in the anterior-to-posterior direction to target the area posterior to the lateral pterygoid plate and between the medial and lateral pterygoid muscles (Figures 8(b) and 8(c)).
The objective of this study was to document the use of Gow-gates mandibular nerve block by new dental graduates to achieve mandibular nerve block for dental procedures in various dental institutes of Lahore.
Ossified pterygospinous ligament seems to be a major cause of entrapment of lingual nerve or a branch of mandibular nerve and may cause mandibular neuralgia.
There was no mandibular nerve dysthesia, and all teeth in the quadrant tested vital.
The region contains important structures such as the mandibular nerve, the maxillary artery and the muscles of mastication.
Damascus, (SANA) - The Syrian dentist Mohammad Imad al-Droubi got two gold medals for his inventions in dental implants during his participation in Seoul International Invention Fair (SIIF).Al-Droubi said that he got a gold medal for inventing titanium nets to compensate the loss of alveolar bone covering the inferior mandibular nerve.The other gold medal was for his invention of dilators used in dental implants, he added.
The mental nerve is sensory in nature that is a branch of the inferior alveolar nerve, a major branch of the mandibular nerve originating from fifth cranial nerve.
Marginal mandibular nerve damage was noted in 20% cases treated with extra oral approach (group A).
A comparative study of direct mandibular nerve block and the Akinosi technique.
However, the major drawbacks are that it's difficult to address the lateral deposits of fat when getting close to the marginal mandibular nerve, along with significant swelling that occurs for up to 2 weeks after that procedure.