mandibular fracture

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man·dib·u·lar frac·ture

(man-dibyū-lăr frakshŭr)
Breakage or other forms of osseous trauma involving the mandible.
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The total number for sites of mandibular fracture in both the groups was 28 (13 fracture sites in Group-I and 15 fracture sites in Group-II).
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For our study the time taken from adaptation of the plate to the time when the last screw placed in mandibular fracture site region was recorded.
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Less common complications are severe trismus , iatrogenic damage to the adjacent second molar and iatrogenic mandibular fracture.
Patients should be examined for evidence of trauma that could have resulted in mandibular fracture or temporo-mandibular joint luxation.
The case was managed under cover of antibiotics by extraction of the retained mesial root, followed by reduction & fixation of the mandibular fracture, which healed uneventfully.