mandibular foramen

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man·dib·u·lar fo·ra·men

the opening into the mandibular canal on the medial surface of the ramus of the mandible giving passage to the inferior alveolar nerve, artery, and vein.
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man·dib·u·lar for·a·men

(man-dib'yū-lăr fōr-ā'mĕn) [TA]
An opening on the medial surface of the ramus of the mandible through which the inferior alveolar artery, vein, and nerve pass to supply the lower teeth.
Synonym(s): foramen mandibulae [TA] .
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man·dib·u·lar for·a·men

(man-dib'yū-lăr fōr-ā'mĕn) [TA]
Opening on medial surface of ramus of mandible through which inferior alveolar artery, vein, and nerve pass to supply lower teeth.
Synonym(s): inferior dental foramen.
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In the present study, location of the MC in the mandibular foramen region was found to be in the lower third of the midthird of the ramus superoinferiorly.
(30) also described MC as in contact with or 2 mm away from lingual cortical bone in mandibular foramen level.
i) Mandibular foramen to mandibular angle (I): Shortest distance from the mandibular foramen to the extreme caudal margin of the angle of the mandible.
In horse and dogs the distance between the mandibular foramen and the base of the mandible was 3 cm and 1.5 to 2 cm, respectively (Hall et al.).
The lingula of the mandible is a tongue-shaped bone projection on the medial aspect of the ramus, which lies in close proximity to the anterior margin of the mandibular foramen (Monazzi et al.; Jansisyanont et al.; Kim et al., 1997).
Dorso-lateral aspect of mandible of female blackbuck showing alveolar sockets for incisors (a), mental foramen (b), anterior margin of ramus (c), first premolar (d), horizontal part of ramus (e), molar (f), posterior margin of ramus (g), vertical part of ramus (h), coronoid process (i), mandibular foramen (j).
Narayana & Prashanthi (2003) analyzed 335 dried mandibles and they only found a single case with an accessory mandibular foramen that originated in a canal.
Some of the regions in which reliable measurements can be made are the ones related to the base of the maxillary sinus and the nasal cavity, the infraorbital, mental, and mandibular foramens, the mandibular canal, the lingula of the mandible, the sigmoid notch of the mandible, or the teeth (especially the dental length).