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1. A legal, ethical, or political requirement to execute actions or orders.
2. An order from a higher authority to an officer of a lower court.
mandatory, adjective
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Mandatory continuing education: Past, present, and future trends and issues.
Since this evaluation could involve additional requirements beyond current mandatory continuing education, it is critical to gain feedback about this issue from California dental hygienists (DHs) who will be directly affected by proposed changes.
* Difficult to measure outcomes of mandatory continuing education on patient care due to the many variables that influence patient outcomes.
Mandatory continuing education. Available at: _digests /ed376275.
Education for RN's mandatory continuing education as
One of the arguments against mandatory continuing education is that there are not studies to show that continuing education makes a difference in patient outcomes.
A site has been established on the company's Intranet that contains information on licensing boards and mandatory continuing education requirements for professionals--engineers, planners, landscape architects, architects, legal and accountants.
The concept of mandatory continuing education was born from the idea that professionals need to be committed to lifelong learning to retain and improve their competence.
Implementation of the mandatory continuing education requirements has elevated ARRT's requirements for renewal of registration and also has greatly affected ARRT's operations.

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