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1. A legal, ethical, or political requirement to execute actions or orders.
2. An order from a higher authority to an officer of a lower court.
mandatory, adjective


required by law.

mandatory continuing education
participation in a continuing education program is a prerequisite for continued registration in some countries.
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The paper generates insights about the associated costs and benefits of mandatory audit firm rotation, the effect that mandatory rotation may have on auditor independence and audit quality, and the concept of mandatory auditor rotation.
Some EA professionals see mandatory referrals as counter to the basic EAP philosophy and worry that mandatory referrals will have a chilling effect on other areas of EAP work.
The Service has gone to significant efforts to provide technical information, so to minimize the circumstances for which entities would need to request waivers from the mandatory e-filing requirements) By providing such detailed information at its website, the "IRS anticipates the waiver requests it actually grants will be few in number"
To solve the problems the task force recommended using a mandatory funding mechanism or some other changes to the current budget and appropriations process.
At the time, we didn't know what a mandatory minimum was," Bill Boman, Taylor's 74-year-old cousin, told JS.
After spending years of staff time studying the issue of the potential hazards of bunk beds, and ultimately adopting a mandatory role in 1999, CPSC is revisiting bunk-bed hazards.
In the war on drugs, mandatory minimum sentencing is a strategy that has failed.
The Board and the Secretary, however, chose not to recommend that the Congress make subordinated debt issuance mandatory at this time.
Hong Kong's new Mandatory Provident Fund marks a big step for pensions, but the territory has a long way to go in providing for its retirees.
Implement a comprehensive mandatory external reporting system for adverse events that cause serious injury or death
During this same period, Mead also advised Zionist leaders on water management issues in Palestine and lobbied the British mandatory regime on their behalf.