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1. A legal, ethical, or political requirement to execute actions or orders.
2. An order from a higher authority to an officer of a lower court.
mandatory, adjective
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The largest mandatory contribution was mandated by Executive Order Numbers 357 and 357-A, which grants 30 percent of the PCSO's lotto charity fund to local government units where lotto tickets are sold.
'Whether it is mandatory, optional, selective, o lottery system, these are all options na kailangan natin pag-aralan at kailangan nating pagdebatihan para hindi naman siya unfair to all parties concern,' he said.
READ: 'Mandatory military training for minors against UN protocol, Philippine laws' Hontiveros stressed that the proposed bill would affect students aged 16 to 17 years old and requiring them to enroll in the ROTC would be a violation to the Optional Protocol to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
Given all these concerns, Estrada maintained that there should be "no mandatory" ROTC either in SHS or college and it should just be maintained it as "one of the components under the NSTP Law in College."
Bank that obligates RBC to make mandatory advances that cover non-payment for the potential two-month exposure period of PEG or MGAG.
"The mandatory test for taxi drivers will be introduced next February as planned.
The activist further said by refusing to appoint an acting commissioner and sending Njiraini on mandatory six months terminal leave pending his retirement, the board neglected its duties, and 'is poised to breach the law on the 60 years mandatory retirement age for public officials'.
The government has indicated that it is planning to make hallmarking along with carat count mandatory for the gold jewellery sold in the country from January.
The move is to be modelled similarly to Abu Dhabi and Dubai, where mandatory health insurance has already been implemented.
This also needs clarification that all standards once developed are voluntary in nature except those which are converted to Technical Regulations (Mandatory items) through a formal mechanism for enforcement to protect public interests, an official of Ministry of Science and technology told reporter.
This report shows that the two mandatory pension funds "weighted" a total of 811 million euro by the end of February this year.
Those few mandatory R&D programs that have become law are small, or are for particular activities such as diabetes research.