mandated reporter

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man·dated re·por·ter

(man'dā-tĕd rē-pōr'tĕr)
A professional person required by law to report evidence or suspicion that a child or elderly adult has been abused or neglected. Mandated reporters include, but are not limited to, physicians, surgeons, medical examiners, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, social workers, residents, interns, and other hospital personnel involved in admission, care, examination, or treatment of patients.
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What may be characterized as "concern" to one mandated reporter may be "suspicion" to another.
Although institutions are required by law to train everyone on campus who is a mandated reporter (essentially all responsible employees), not enough is being done to ensure each person truly understands their obligations, says O'Keeffe.
As I fulfilled my responsibilities as a mandated reporter, and eventually testified in one of the more horrific cases, a light bulb went off.
Recognition of Child Abuse for the Mandated Reporter, 4th Edition
So it's important that they seek consultation or supervision before the call of mandated reporter is made.
Sullivan allegedly said he was a mandated reporter because he is a coach and he felt compelled to alert authorities to the abuse that he believed was taking place.
An element related to the mandated reporter role is possible resistance to the role itself.
Mandated reporter satisfaction with child protection: More good news for workers.
101) Following this initial report, a mandated reporter must file, within forty-eight hours, a written report ("51A report") detailing the suspected abuse.
Specific to nursing, you are a mandated reporter based on NRS 632.
The judge cited the teacher's actions as grossly negligent and afforded her no protection under the mandated reporter statutes when the parents sued for unfounded and false allegations.
The designated mandated reporter should not serve as a gatekeeper by discounting another school professional's judgment of reasonable suspicion.