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1. A legal, ethical, or political requirement to execute actions or orders.
2. An order from a higher authority to an officer of a lower court.
mandatory, adjective
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Essentially revocable in private law, this type of mandate automatically presupposes that the mandator can decide cessation of legal relations of mandate with the mandatary at any time, ad nutum, in view of the fact that their interests are not well secured.
If in private law, through conclusion of legal acts by the mandatary, on behalf and account of the mandator, legal effects and obligations are created solely for the latter, the exercise of the public law mandate binds both electors as well as the mandatary.
If in private law, in certain cases, the mandatary can decide on the substitution of its own person with another who can conclude legal acts on his/her behalf and account and who basically acts as a mandator in relation to the new mandatary, in public law the mandate cannot be retransmitted, as a consequence of the principle delegata potestas non delegatur.