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manda (munˑ·d),

adj in Ayurveda, “slow” or “dull” as a guna, one of the qualities characterizing all substances. Its complement is tikshna. See also gunas and tikshna.
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Of respondents across various industry verticals, 61% from global pharmaceutical and 55% from global medical devices industries project either a 'significant increase' or an 'increase' in MandA activities in 2013.
Haji Lal Mohammad, a tribal elder from Loya Manda, claimed they had grown poppies under pressure from the Taliban.
La ansiedad por separacion tambien fue descartada para el caso de Manda por cuanto los signos se presentaban tanto en presencia como en ausencia del dueno y tanto dentro como fuera de casa.
Manda, a French singer, contacted the band through MySpace and I'm sure all of the audience were thankful she did.
Our engineering team is located in New Zealand, so due to the time difference the first thing I do every day is respond to their emails and messages," Manda says.
Lead singer Manda B is a Eugene native who graduated from South Eugene High School.
Pam Tank, Mickey Bajwa, Renu Gill, Manda Garewal and Kiran Khumb at Tanky's Pizza.
Judge Andrew Nyirenda was unavailable to give his ruling as he was attending a conference, said Lilongwe High Court registrar Ken Manda.
Haifa District prosecutors plan to charge the suspects - Nazmi Hussain from Nazareth and Abdel Salam Zidan from Kafr Manda - with assisting the enemy in wartime and making contact with foreign agents.