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verb To be responsible for a patient’s clinical care; to diagnose and treat.


Medtalk verb To be responsible for a Pt's clinical care; to diagnose and treat

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Q. How you all manage with the taste of the Chinese medicine? Insomnia is severe in me and the allopathic medicines were not able to control it. On my friends advice I met Chinese Medical Practitioner. He has prescribed me some herbal medicines which are bitter in taste. I am fed up with the taste of the medicine that I am not comfortable having it next time. How you all manage with the taste of the Chinese medicine?

A. The benefit of Chinese medicine is good and you must have them. You can take honey after you take your medicines. This can bring back your taste. I am also taking Chinese herbal medicines for my nervous problem. They are very bitter. To reduce on their bitter taste I take honey or sometimes sugar cubes. Taking honey makes me feel good from the bitter taste of these medicines and taking these medicines helps me in getting better from my nervous problem.

Q. I need some advice on how to manage fibromyalgia? My elder brother is diagnosed with fibromyalgia. He was complaining of excess pain in belly area and headache with disturbed stomach. This made him depressed. His performance at work also declined to a considerable level. His muscles are too tight and this can be felt when touched. After the diagnosis for about a year he is now confirmed as having fibromyalgia. I need some advice on how to manage fibromyalgia?

A. He must start light exercises like walking and jogging and if possible swimming. He must eat a good diet with only raw foods as much as possible. He must do meditation to calm his mind to get a good sleep. Massage will be helpful in reducing his pain. Living in a stressful environment may trigger his pain to a high level. Keep him happy and this will help him to feel relaxed. Do regularly follow the medicines with good life style and food pattern.

Q. Apart from medicines, what are the other ways to manage fibromyalgia?

A. For people living with fibromyalgia, relief comes not only from the medicines but also from the combination of medical and non-medical therapies. It is also better to call it as Lifestyle therapy than non-medical therapy. Good sleep, balanced diet with exclusion of spicy food, regular exercise and occupational change is considered to manage fibromyalgia. Some of the non-medical therapy such as acupuncture, Chiropractic or osteopathic treatments and Hypnotherapy and massage therapy is used to treat fibromyalgia.

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