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A gene (DSS-AHC critical region on the X chromosome, gene 1—formally known, per HUGO nomenclature, as NR0B1) located on chromosome Xp21.3 that encodes a protein containing a DNA-binding domain, which acts as a dominant-negative regulator of transcription mediated by the retinoic acid receptor. DAX1 also acts as an anti-testis gene by antagonising SRY.

Molecular pathology
DAX1 mutations cause both X-linked congenital adrenal hypoplasia and hypogonadotropic hypogonadism.
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Abbrev. for Department of Social Security.
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Often tied to management support was the need and ability to assess impact and prove the value of communication programs.
According to the company, the contract is a continuation of the previous DISN Network Management Support Services-Global Network Engineering Contract (DNMSS-G NEC), which was awarded to CSC in June 1999.
The information contained in each of the six video modules is easy to understand and provides a consistent message about launching a document management initiative and gaining management support for it.
In addition to the integrating role of the BTA, it will also provide support to specified Principal Staff Assistant (PSA) functions and responsibilities in order to properly align those functions in a management support organization instead of in OSD billets.
Under this multiple-awarded, task order-based contract, Titan will compete against three other companies to provide system engineering and acquisition management support and services throughout the FAA under the Multiple Area Support Services procurement vehicle.
The directorate will provide centralized information management support to the 597th Transportation Group, Southport, N.C.; and the MTMC Operations Center, Fort Eustis, Va.
Our long and successful history has taught us not only to be sensitive to the changing needs of our tenancy, but to anticipate those needs through communication between the tenants and talented in-house management support staffs.
The need for this guidance was specified in a recent Department of Defense Inspector General review on "Contracts for Professional, Administrative, and Management Support Services" (DoDIG Report D-2004-015, October 30, 2003).
The contractor shall also provide the systems engineering and program management support necessary to efficiently carry out the stated services.

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