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A term for the paraphysical force that is believed by inhabitants of Oceania and the Hawaiian Islands to exist in the universe. Tribal witch doctors are chosen based on their ability to tap into mana from heaven, which they may demonstrate by exhibiting psychokinetic skills (e.g., levitating objects or making them appear or disappear) or by displaying a second sight or clairvoyance (e.g., which tells them when and where food animals are plentiful, or how to treat a person’s illness).

Midwives Alliance of North America



A professional certification and advocacy group for midwives and midwifery care, students of midwifery, and their supporters.
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MANA also encourages manufacturers of unapproved drugs to come forward to get their products approved and for pharmacies to do their part to protect consumers by removing unapproved drugs from their shelves.
Mana further informed that Century 21 Qatar had already signed lease contracts of to 45 percent project so far, while the remaining will be offered through Cityscape Qatar 2013.
He also runs his own Al Mana Luxury Company and serves as director of fashion portfolios, alongside two of his brothers.
An equation of mana with dina ('true') has persistently caught the attention of observers of Fijian society.
Like having a Christian Hosoi skateboard make you feel like you could do 10' airs, or Air Jordan shoes made you feel like you could 'kiss the rim,' Mana Energy Potions helps you feel like you cast frost, fire and heal while summoning dragons.
Yadav, who has an impressive track record of building successful technology companies that help move healthcare forward," said Raj Amin, Co-Founder, Board Member and Executive Chairman, Mana Health.
Brigadier Nasser al-Thani and S H Al Mana chairman Hisham Saleh al-Mana signed an agreement at a ceremony at S H Al Mana Company's headquarters on Salwa Road, in the presence of Milipol Qatar Committee member Brigadier Saud Rashid al-Shafi and number of officials from S H Al Mana Company.
This agreement helps put Mana Energy Potion on the bleeding edge of in-game advertising and it's fun," said Aaron Rasmussen, co-founder and vice president of marketing, Harcos.
As Meaningful Use continues to grow and evolve, we believe that giving patients an easy way to see their health data is a critical step in connecting patients and care providers," said Chris Bradley, CEO and co-founder, Mana Health.
Harcos, a company founded by two gamer geeks, has found a niche at the intersection where gaming and consumer products merge with Mana Energy Potion, a premium energy shot that packs a powerful dose of vitamins and delivers up to eight hours of smooth energy without sugar or an aftercrash.
We are pleased to offer ManaCloud at the exact moment the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) set down the MU-3 requirement for API access to health records," said Chris Bradley, CEO and co-founder of Mana Health.
Saleh Al Hamad Al Mana Company, the exclusive distributor of Nissan, Infiniti & Renault in Qatar, opened the new Infiniti showroom yesterday evening at a glittering event.