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A term for the paraphysical force that is believed by inhabitants of Oceania and the Hawaiian Islands to exist in the universe. Tribal witch doctors are chosen based on their ability to tap into mana from heaven, which they may demonstrate by exhibiting psychokinetic skills (e.g., levitating objects or making them appear or disappear) or by displaying a second sight or clairvoyance (e.g., which tells them when and where food animals are plentiful, or how to treat a person’s illness).

Midwives Alliance of North America



A professional certification and advocacy group for midwives and midwifery care, students of midwifery, and their supporters.
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Representatives of UNESCO--under which Mana Pools is listed as a World Heritage Site, have visited the lodge several times during its construction, ensuring environmental mandates laid down for such construction have been followed correctly, while Parks themselves are consulted on an ongoing basis to ensure impacts are minimized.
With an annual average rainfall of around 700mm and a mean temperature of 25[degrees]C, Mana Pools is ideal for game viewing year-round.
The Mana village has many attractions linked to Hindu epic Mahabharata to offer -- Vyas gufa ( cave), Ganesh gufa, Bhim pul ( bridge) and Vasundhara falls to mention a few.
The purchase was made by a London-based real estate company owned by Mana bin Abdul Hadi Al Hajri in order to conceal the Qatari emir's involvement, according to Vatan.
Available at Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS/pharmacy, Walmart and Bed Bath & Beyond, "Gray Away has been performing at the top of its category among new products since launch," says MANA senior vice president of retail sales Jim Burke.
The political alliance with Mana, which already holds a parliamentary
After looking deeper into what had transpired at the time the song was written, and after analyzing the lyrics line by line, Nihar has established that Tagore wrote Jana Gana Mana for Lord Krishna; around the time of King George 5th's visit to India.
But the manner in which mana is addressed in da Col and Graeber's foreword to the inaugural edition of HAU shows the need for conceptual clean-ups.
based stripper and nude model has confirmed to Radar Online that she dated Al Mana.
Managing Partner, Mohammed Hamad Al Mana, said, "We're thrilled to be launching the ABC Business Centre, and I hope our affordable and flexible office space can help many of Qatar's entrepreneurs and small businesses to develop and prosper.
Mana se formo hace ya tres decadas en la ciudad de Guadalajara (Mexico).
The feasibility study for the Mana underground was completed in March 2011, and Semafo elected to proceed with the project in May.