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Symbol for mannose; mannosyl.
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n. pl. men (mĕn)
1. An adult male human.
2. A human regardless of sex or age; a person.
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The official abbreviation for mannose.
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Vox populi A male human. See Hole-in-the-stomach man, Ice man, Marlboro Man, Reference man, Renaissance man, Visible Man.
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Patient discussion about man

Q. I am a man with breast cancer. Hello friends, you might have heard about breast cancer in women but here I am a man with breast cancer. Is Herceptin licensed to treat me?

A. Hi, what were your symptoms and when did you discover you had breast cancer?

Q. what are the basics products we as a humans, need to have in our diet?

A. A regular healthy diet should be comprised of a 40-50% carbohydrate (bread, rice, etc.), 30-40% protein (dairy, meat, chicken, fish) and 20% fat. Other important ingredients are fruit and vegetables, that contain large amounts of fibers and vitamins.

Q. Is there a difference between a man's diet and a woman's diet? let say for the point of it the weight the same and they are in the same age .

A. no one should have the same exact diet, you need to find what works for you and helps you achieve your goals.

the base of the diet could be the same, for example burn calories then you consume. But other wise, find what works for you.

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