a type of acidophil in the adenohypophysis that secretes prolactin. Called also lactotrope, luteotroph, and mammotroph.
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An acidophilic cell of the adenohypophysis that produces prolactin.
Synonym(s): prolactin cell
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An obsolete term for a cell that produces prolactin; prolactin-secreting cell is the preferred term in the working medical parlance.
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The anterior lobe consists of several different cell types (somatotrophs, mammotrophs, corticotrophs, thyrotrophs, and gonadotrophs), which are involved in the biosynthesis and secretion of key hormones (growth hormone, prolactin, adenocorticotropic hormone, thyroid-stimulating hormone, and follicle-stimulating hormone/ luteinizing hormone, respectively) that regulate multiple, diverse, and important physiologic and metabolic functions in the human body (2).