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a radiograph of the breast.
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The record produced by mammography.
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1. An image of the breast produced by mammography.
2. The procedure performed to produce such an image.
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Imaging A diagnostic x-ray of the breast. See Mammography.
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The record produced by mammography.
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Patient discussion about mammogram

Q. I am going for my first mammography, Is this test harmful? I am going for my first mammography on coming Tuesday…….just was worried as the doctor is suspecting a tumor….Is this test harmful?

A. Generally there is no harm. It may be harmful when you have them during or a week before the menstrual periods as due the tenderness of the breasts may cause discomfort.

Q. I am having mammograms annually since 10 years (now 43). I am having mammograms annually since 10 years (now 43), I'm not sure how much of the "armpit" area is included. I have recently noticed a lump on my right about half way between my breast and my armpit. It can be tricky to locate at times and I really don't think it's anything serious as it feels smooth and round. I do have very dense breasts. I had a core biopsy done on the same breast, upper & outer quadrant, some years ago that was benign. I am going to have my mammo for this year and I was wondering if this area between the breast and the armpit will be covered?

A. It’s difficult to get that area of the armpit in mammogram and I don't think they can get that close. If there is a lump, it will need to be addressed. Just let doctor know. Maybe they will send you for ultrasound. Good luck for your treatment.

Q. I know about breast cancer and I don’t have any lump and I had mammography but nothing was revealed…… I have been diagnosed with breast cancer now, till last week I was suspected with an allergy and I was on antibiotics and suddenly it came with cancer after my biopsy ………I know about breast cancer and I don’t have any lump and I had mammography but nothing was revealed…….anyone with some information on this problem…….now my doctor is planning to give me a chemo…..and all this is going very fast …..

A. again agree with dominic, but that's not harmful if you find a second opinion.
but if the second professional opinion says the same, then i will encourage you to follow your doctor's advise.

the earlier it is taken care, the better the result will be

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Women, let's do ourselves a favor-get that mammogram regularly.
As my physician once explained, "Sometimes we find things." According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2015, about 64 percent of women older than 40 reported having a mammogram within the previous two years.
"If someone has had a mammogram in the last year, they will not be eligible," Bily said, noting that some employers may opt to have the mobile van come more than once a year, to service employees who are not due for their mammogram until another time of the year.
Tova Koenigsberg at The Montefiore Einstein Center for Cancer Care in New York shows an example of a traditional mammogram scan.
3-D mammography technology could enable earlier detection of a cancerous tumor that may not appear on a standard 2-D mammogram, said Dr.
Dense breasts can make it harder for mammograms to detect breast cancer.
Kouzali said that so far, more than 200,000 mammograms have been carried out as part of the programme, while half a million invitations have been sent to women aged between 50 and 69 to get tested.
Q: I'm worried about the radiation from a mammogram. How much radiation do I receive from a mammogram?
(Note: many screening facilities like Solis Mammography have a value screening program designed to give women without insurance an opportunity to get their annual screening mammogram at a reduced fee.)
Screening mammograms are available for women 40 years of age and older.