lactiferous ducts

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lac·tif·er·ous ducts

one of the ducts, numbering 15-20, which drain the lobes of the mammary gland; they open at the nipple.

lac·tif·er·ous ducts

(lak-tif'ĕr-ŭs dŭkts) [TA]
Ducts numbering 15-20, which drain the lobes of the mammary gland; they open at the nipple.
Synonym(s): galactophore, mammillary ducts, milk ducts.


conveying milk.

lactiferous ducts
appearing first as epithelial diverticula which invade the mammary mesenchyme from the mammary buds, the precursors of the teats, these solid cords of cells later cavitate to produce lactiferous ducts.
lactiferous sinus
large cavity, continuous with the lactiferous ducts in mammary tissue, which serves as a reservoir for accumulated milk in the mammary gland until it is released at milking or suckling via the teat sinus and teat canal; is a combination of gland and teat sinuses.
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Newer modalities such as magnetic resonance ductography and ultrasound glactography are in its evaluation phases and promise more specific ways of predicting carcinoma in mammary ducts (24, 25).
In this study, the supplement stimulated the mammary ducts to grow, despite the fact that the mice lacked estrogen.
Similar to fibromatosis, peripheral lymphoid aggregates may be present, but entrapped mammary ducts and lobules are not present within these lesions.
Our finding of increased Ki-67 expression in the mammary ducts of 100-day-old rats after prenatal exposure to BPA suggests that increased susceptibility to DBMA-induced carcinogenesis is a possible consequence of BPA-mediated effects on cell proliferation.
Light massage can help increase circulation and promote lymphatic drainage, as well as relieve plugged mammary ducts.
The MammoView[TM] instrument line for breast endoscopy produces clear and precise video images, allowing direct observation of extremely confined sites such as the fining of the mammary ducts.
Breast tissue in these animals grew abnormally, creating many branching mammary ducts of a type usually seen only in pregnant mice, says Eva Y.
The mammary ducts and blood vessels in the breast normally exhibit this appearance.
We've known that the best way to detect breast cancer early and treat it effectively would be to get inside the mammary ducts to evaluate and treat the cells directly, and this is the first step in that direction," said Sophie Lelievre, a basic medical sciences professor active in cancer research, who led the team along with James Leary, a professor of nanomedicine and biomedical engineering.
These criteria have been adopted or analogized from conventional criteria for differentiating ADH and DCIS in mammary ducts without papilloma.
The Solos Breast Endoscopy System allows physicians to examine the mammary ducts under direct visualization.