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 [mah-mil´ah] (pl. mamil´lae)
1. nipple (def. 1).
2. papilla. adj., adj mam´millary.
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These results are in line with previous researches (Akhlaghi, Amini, and Akhlaghi, 2012; Ijaz, A., Irfan, S., Shahbaz, S., Awan, M., and Sabir, M., 2011; Palli and Mamilla, 2012).
In a joint statement with the miltiary and police, Shin Bet said its agents detained two men from Israeli-annexed east Jerusalem who were working as cleaning staff in Mamilla mall, an upmarket shopping street only meters away from the walls of Jerusalem's historic Old City, according to AFP.
(86) This construction involved excavations at the ancient Mamilla Cemetery with hundreds of exhumations of graves and remains and has been deemed a desecration of remains by the U.S.
High accuracy engineering, metrology and manufacturing need high precision machines, instruments and components (Mamilla & Sekhar, 2010).
Mamilla, "Design and structural analysis of composite multileaf spring," International Journal of Emerging Trends in Engineering and Development, vol.
In the same context, two Arab Palestinian men -- an employee of the Mamilla Hotel and a gas station attendant --also were the victims of hate crimes.
An ancient Muslim cemetery, Mamilla Cemetery, is being demolished to provide the site for a 'Museum of Tolerance'.
Marketing triangle for educational services Adaptation from Mamilla Rajasekhar, M.
To mark her first day in her new country, I planned to take Helena on a tour of Jerusalem's sites: a fancy restaurant in the Mamilla mall followed by the old city stalls where she could shop to her heart's content.
Many examples come to mind: The area surrounding the old city of Jerusalem known as Mamilla, the legendary neighborhood Wadi Abu Jameel -- the old Jewish quarters -- in Beirut and most prominent, the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia now famous not only for the annual hajj pilgrimages but also for having destroyed nearly everything Islamic and otherwise to make space for comfortable hotels and other luxury residences.
Borrelia lymphoma appears most frequently on the ear concha, nose, mamilla, aureola of the mamma, and scrotum [3].