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A rarely used term for ten kilometres or ten thousand metres.
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Q. I am going for my first mammography, Is this test harmful? I am going for my first mammography on coming Tuesday…….just was worried as the doctor is suspecting a tumor….Is this test harmful?

A. Generally there is no harm. It may be harmful when you have them during or a week before the menstrual periods as due the tenderness of the breasts may cause discomfort.

Q. I am having mammograms annually since 10 years (now 43). I am having mammograms annually since 10 years (now 43), I'm not sure how much of the "armpit" area is included. I have recently noticed a lump on my right about half way between my breast and my armpit. It can be tricky to locate at times and I really don't think it's anything serious as it feels smooth and round. I do have very dense breasts. I had a core biopsy done on the same breast, upper & outer quadrant, some years ago that was benign. I am going to have my mammo for this year and I was wondering if this area between the breast and the armpit will be covered?

A. It’s difficult to get that area of the armpit in mammogram and I don't think they can get that close. If there is a lump, it will need to be addressed. Just let doctor know. Maybe they will send you for ultrasound. Good luck for your treatment.

Q. I know about breast cancer and I don’t have any lump and I had mammography but nothing was revealed…… I have been diagnosed with breast cancer now, till last week I was suspected with an allergy and I was on antibiotics and suddenly it came with cancer after my biopsy ………I know about breast cancer and I don’t have any lump and I had mammography but nothing was revealed…….anyone with some information on this problem…….now my doctor is planning to give me a chemo…..and all this is going very fast …..

A. again agree with dominic, but that's not harmful if you find a second opinion.
but if the second professional opinion says the same, then i will encourage you to follow your doctor's advise.

the earlier it is taken care, the better the result will be

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