maltese cross

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maltese cross

a tetrad formation of the early ringlike parasites within the red blood cell seen in babesiosis.

Mal·tese cross

(mawl'tēz kraws)
A tetrad formation of the early ringlike parasites within the red blood cell seen in babesiosis.


1. pertaining to or emanating from Malta.
2. a very small (4-6 lb) dog with dark brown eyes and a long, silky, flowing, white haircoat that obscures the long, pendant ears and small, arched tail. Sometimes called Maltese terrier. The breed is affected by white shaker dog disease.

Maltese cockspur
Maltese cross
characteristic formation within phagocytes in peritoneal granulomas caused by granules of starch; visible in polarized light.
Maltese thistle
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A Maltese Cross, the famous emblem of the Neath club, will be the badge of the new side, with an Osprey superimposed on the symbol to represent Swansea.
Designer Ron DeSantis and Ceramica VARM have been licensed by the Uniformed Firefighters Association of New York City to produce The Maltese Cross Memorial Plate as a tribute to honor 343 of New York City's Bravest Firefighters who were lost on September 11th.
Interconnection to the top contact on the Gunn diode is made using a solid gold Maltese cross structure, which is bonded using a thermosonic wedge bonder.
Acute monoarthritis associated with intracellular positively birefringent Maltese cross appearing spherules.
Perennials: Alpine aster, catmint, columbine, coreopsis, delphinium, gaillardia, Jacob's ladder, 'Johnson's Blue' geranium, lamb's ears, lupine, Maltese cross, meadow rue, mountain bluet, painted daisy, peach-leafed bellflower, Oriental poppy, Shasta daisy, Siberian iris, yarrow.
the Maltese Cross Cabin at Theodore Roosevelt National Park in Medora, N.
The author does an excellent job of connecting the game variation to the country in some specific way; for example, the shape of the game in Malta is the famous Maltese cross, and the popularity of bull fighting influenced the name of the game in Spain--the Matador.
Has: purple coneflower, maltese cross, foxglove, hollyhock, dame's rocket, zinnia, columbine, liatris, alyssum, dianthus, gypsophilia, bachelor's button, cosmos, daisy, Mexican hat, hibiscus
All three vessels, whose home port is Balboa, are classified ABS Maltese Cross Al Towing Service Maltese Cross AMS.
The Maltese Cross is simply a four-quadrant diagram with a broad band running from left to right, and from top to bottom.
Before he left London, the queen gave him a CBE (Commander, Order of the British Empire), "a very pretty medal in the shape of a Maltese cross," which he now keeps in a bureau drawer.