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, whiskey (wis'kē),
An alcoholic liquid obtained by the distillation of the fermented mash of wholly or partly malted cereal grains, containing 47-53% (or higher) by volume of ethanol, at 15.56°C; it must have been stored in charred wood containers for not less than 2 years. Grains used to produce whisky are barley, maize, rye, and wheat.
[Gael, usquebaugh, water of life]


, whisky (hwĭs′kē)
A distilled alcoholic liquor made from grain. The alcohol present is ethyl alcohol.
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Penderyn is outselling its three Scotch malt whisky counterparts in Wetherspoon, and considering that these are all well-established, quality whiskies, it is a massive compliment to the Penderyn brand.
In fact, it was not until as recently as 1963, that Glenfiddich became the first Scotch malt whisky to be marketed south of the border.
Diageo sparked a row that threatened to split the Scotch Whisky Association when it announced it was going to replace its Cardhu single malt whisky with a vatted whisky - a mix of malts - to be sold as Cardhu Pure
Last month, two collectors each paid a world recordbreaking pounds 100,000 for a bottle of Dalmore Trinitas 64-year-old malt whisky.
The single malt whisky was enough to fill only 54 full-size bottles - with each standardsized dram costing pounds 360.
The Welsh Whisky Company in Penderyn claims to be the first company to distil single malt whisky in Wales for over one hundred years and by selling bonds for pounds 575 each it hopes to raise money to increase production.
MALT Whisky is produced from three ingredients - malted barley, water and yeast.
THE world's favourite malt whisky is to get a sexy makeover in a pounds 1million advertising campaign.
YOU can't really think about Scottish malt whisky without the Highlands springing to mind.