malt liquor

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malt li·quor

a beverage brewed from malt, such as beer or ale.
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Although there have been a number of cities that have worked to adopt policies that restrict malt liquor sales, little is known about the need for these policies across the country; the number of policies successfully adopted; the features of the policies, or the perceived effectiveness of the policies.
There was one significant canonical discriminant function generated for each beverage: L = .580, [c.sup.2] (6, N = 407) = 218.65,p < .001 for beer; L = .663, [c.sup.2] (5, N = 407) = 165.27,p < .001 for wine/wine coolers; L= .552, [c.sup.2] (5, N = 407) = 239.15, p < .001 for liquor; L = .694, [c.sup.2] (4, N = 407) = 147.45, p < .001 for malt liquor; and L = .598, [c.sup.2] (5, N = 407) = 206.68, p < .001 for fortified wine.
In both of these examples, time occurs in the narrative present, and the Kool Breeze is introduced through the rap images on television which link the activities presented in the videos and advertisements for malt liquor with those taking place in the bar.
The 1994 Minnesota Legislature heard their concerns and passed a law that revoked state approval of "brand label registration" for any malt liquor that "states or implies in a false or misleading manner a connection with an actual living or dead American Indian leader."
A similar reversal involved PowerMaster, a malt liquor that the BATF approved in 1991.
The merchants, most of them convenience store owners, have agreed to indefinitely stop selling fortified malt liquor with alcohol content of 8 percent or more beginning June 14, authorities said.
Heileman, La Crosse, Wis., brewer and bottler of the malt liquor, manufactured guns and bullets, would they market a "James Brady Bullet," naming it after President Reagan's press secretary wounded in an assassination attempt on Reagan's life.
Ides premium malt liquor I drink the ultimate, not with the warrior, my man A 40-ounce or can So on the S-T ka sneak tip Get the bozak [gun] while I take a sip.
The numbers are compelling: Crime in and around Eugene's Washington-Jefferson Park is down 70 percent since four convenience stores in the neighborhood voluntarily stopped selling low-cost, high-octane malt liquor. From Oct.
I don't know how they decided the line up at Koston's game, but if it was decided by pulling names out of a big floppy Mickey's Malt Liquor hat then ...
One of the latest product launches to feature metallic labels is Miller Brewing Co.'s Magnum brand of malt liquor. Magnum malt liquor is part of the fastest-growing product of its type in liquor outlets, appealing strongly to consumers in the 21 to 27 age group.
A temporary halt in the sale of cheap, high-alcohol malt liquor led to a dramatic drop in crime near downtown Eugene, police said Thursday.