malt liquor

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malt li·quor

a beverage brewed from malt, such as beer or ale.
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It charged $3 for the malt liquor so kids were buying it (cheaper for adults to get at the store).
Although there have been a number of cities that have worked to adopt policies that restrict malt liquor sales, little is known about the need for these policies across the country; the number of policies successfully adopted; the features of the policies, or the perceived effectiveness of the policies.
The Red Apple Market, a grocery store near West Sixth Avenue and Adams Street, had previously dropped the sale of the malt liquor that it carried after residents complained about public drinking.
beer, wine/wine coolers, liquor, malt liquor, and fortified wine), and to investigate the impact of gender and ethnicity on consumption.
The Minnesota statute targeted both Crazy Horse malt liquor and Chief Oshkosh beer, which is produced by Barton Beers Ltd.
The Oregon Liquor Control Commission is meeting with store owners to discuss extending the ban on the cheapest malt liquors or making it permanent.
The back of the Crazy Horse malt liquor bottle has a seal that says, "Integrity, Tradition, Quality.
Ides, a malt liquor that boasts the highest alcohol content of any mass-produced beer (8.
Last fall, under pressure from residents and authorities, the owners of four convenience stores around the crime-ridden Washington-Jefferson Park agreed to stop selling certain types of malt liquor favored by transients because of their cheap price and alcohol potency.
The Red Apple Market, a grocery store at West Sixth Avenue and Adams Street, also stopped selling its only malt liquor - Hurricane High Gravity - last week on its own.
Domestic shipments of beer and ''happoshu'' malt liquor by Japan's four major breweries edged up 0.