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Recognition of the malpractice stress syndrome (8) is important, and should be anticipated as probable in some form for most physicians.
Ironically the one thing that most experts in malpractice stress syndrome point to as being most helpful is also openly discouraged by carriers and defense attorneys.
A physician executive's ability to counsel a medical staff member on the nuances between discussing specifics of the case and the value of seeking help to deal with the emotional and psychological impact of malpractice stress syndrome (not unlike the nuance between acknowledging sorrow about an outcome in an adverse event vs.
Few, if any, provider organizations before Health Texas have been proactive in recognizing the potential hazards of malpractice stress syndrome.
MD, Recognizing the Symptoms of Malpractice Stress Syndrome.
4 Malpractice stress syndrome is characterized by depressed mood, negative self-image, irritability, and insomnia.