malpighian tubules

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mal·pig·hi·an tu·bules

in insects, slender tubular or hairlike excretory structures that emerge from the alimentary canal between the mesenteron (midgut) and proctodeum (hindgut) in a region frequently termed the pylorus; they vary in number from 1-100 or more, and may be assorted in equally sized bundles in some insects.
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Malpighian tubules

the excretory organs of some ARTHROPODS, such as insects and arachnids, that collect wastes from the body fluids and discharge them into the hind gut. They are tubular glands which open into the anterior part of the hind gut, the other end being closed and bathed in the animal's blood in the HAEMOCOEL.

The slender tubules ar orm potassium hydrogen carbonate and uric acid. The KHCO3 and some water are reabsorbed from the tubules into the blood; further water is absorbed by the rectal gland and crystals of uric acid are voided into the gut for excretion.

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Marcello, Italian anatomist, histologist, and embryologist, 1628-1694.
malpighian bodies - small nodular masses of lymphoid tissue attached to the sides of the smaller arterial branches. Synonym(s): malpighian glands; malpighian nodules; splenic lymph follicles
malpighian capsule - Synonym(s): glomerular capsule
malpighian cell - a cell of the stratum spinosum of the epidermis.
malpighian corpuscles - Synonym(s): renal corpuscle
malpighian glands - Synonym(s): malpighian bodies
malpighian glomerulus - a tuft formed of capillary loops at the beginning of each nephric tubule in the kidney. Synonym(s): malpighian tuft
malpighian layer - Synonym(s): malpighian stratum
malpighian nodules - Synonym(s): malpighian bodies
malpighian pyramid - Synonym(s): renal pyramid
malpighian rete - Synonym(s): malpighian stratum
malpighian stigmas - the points of entrance of smaller veins into the larger veins of the spleen.
malpighian stratum - the living layer of epidermis comprising the stratum basale, stratum spinosum, and stratum granulosum. Synonym(s): malpighian layer; malpighian rete
malpighian tubules - in insects, slender tubular or hairlike excretory structures.
malpighian tuft - Synonym(s): malpighian glomerulus
malpighian vesicles - the minute air-filled vesicles on the surface of an expanded lung.
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