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(mahl-pig'ē-an), Avoid the mispronunciation mal-pij'ē-an.
Described by or attributed to Marcello Malpighi.


Described by or attributed to Marcello Malpighi.


named after Marcello Malpighi, an Italian anatomist.

Malpighian body
lymphoid follicles in the spleen.
Malpighian capsule
Malpighian corpuscle
see renal corpuscle.
Malpighian layer
the stratum basale (basal layer) and the stratum spinosum (prickle-cell layer) of the epidermis considered together.
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On the structure and use of the malpighian bodies of the kidney, with observations on the circulation through that gland.
To our surprise, we saw the same tissues--the midgut, Malpighian tubules and fat body--light up in bright green fluorescence.
Cells of the malpighian layer proliferated, leading to a thickening of the entire epithelial layer.
Temperature-shocked larvae (positive controls) showed a maximum [beta]-galactosidase activity in all the tissues except Malpighian tubules (Figure 2B).
This study examined the pattern of tissue expression of a putative NKCC in the tobacco hornworm, Manduca sexta, testing the hypothesis that NKCC is restricted to the Malpighian tubule.
Also included in this landmark work was the observation that spirochetes were present in both the midgut and malpighian tubules of infected ticks.
Giebultowicz of Oregon State University in Corvallis and her colleagues have found biological clocks in the testes of moths and in the fruit fly's Malpighian tubules, excretory organs similar to kidneys.
RNAs from different tissues (fat body, midgut, and Malpighian tubules of adults), as well as 1st- and 2nd-instar larvae, were isolated by using RNeasy[R] Plus Micro Kit with Qiageng DNA Eliminator spin column (Qiagen, Hilden, Germany).
The "starry night" splenic angioram*--Contrast material opacification of the Malpighian body marginal sinus circulation in spleen trauma.
Some scales were covered by a thinned epidermis comprised of scant goblet and malpighian cells.