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Plural of malleolus, see there.
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(mal-e'o-lus) plural.malleoli [L. malleolus, little hammer]
The protuberance on both sides of the ankle joint; the lower extremity of the fibula is the lateral malleolus and lower end of the tibia is the medial malleolus. malleolar (-o-lar), adjective

external malleolus

Lateral malleolus.

lateral malleolus

Process on outer edge of fibula at lower end.
Synonym: external malleolus

medial malleolus

Round process on inner edge of tibia at lower end.
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(ii) Foot: the distal diameter corresponds to the distance between malleoli, the proximal diameter corresponds to the z-coordinate of HLX in GCS, the length of the foot is measured directly on the subject before the test.
The LiDMUS (LeucoPatch in Diabetic Malleoli Ulcer Study) study will evaluate both the effect of LeucoPatch on wound healing and the effect on the local wound environment.
(18) In a supine position, as in an anterior approach to the hip, the surgeon often opts to prep both legs to be able to measure the distance between the malleoli at the ankle before and after surgery to estimate LLD.
[S.sub.z]: vector directed from the ankle joint center (midpoint between the lateral and medial malleoli) to the midpoint between the medial and lateral tibial condyles.
AP and lateral radiographs (figure 2) of the ankle and foot revealed an area of rarefaction in talus, with normal calcaneum, distal tibia and malleoli. Posteroanterior view of chest radiograph was within normal limits.
Painful callosities may occur on the soles of the feet and indolent ulcers appear in the region of malleoli of the ankles, the Achilles tendons and heels and toes.
"Skin ulceration or frank gangrene, particularly of the toes, heels, and lateral malleoli, suggests extensive disease.
4) Apply appropriately-sized cuff immediately above the malleoli. Cuff can be applied up to 10cm above the malleoli if necessary.
The diabetic foot is defined as a group of syndromes affecting the anatomical area below the malleoli in a diabetic, in which neuropathy, ischaemia and infection lead to tissue breakdown, resulting in morbidity and possible amputation.