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[məlē′ələs] pl. malleoli
Etymology: L, little hammer
a rounded bony process, such as the protuberance on each side of the ankle.


Plural of malleolus, see there.


(mal-e'o-lus) plural.malleoli [L. malleolus, little hammer]
The protuberance on both sides of the ankle joint; the lower extremity of the fibula is the lateral malleolus and lower end of the tibia is the medial malleolus. malleolar (-o-lar), adjective

external malleolus

Lateral malleolus.

lateral malleolus

Process on outer edge of fibula at lower end.
Synonym: external malleolus

medial malleolus

Round process on inner edge of tibia at lower end.
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The LiDMUS (LeucoPatch in Diabetic Malleoli Ulcer Study) study will evaluate both the effect of LeucoPatch on wound healing and the effect on the local wound environment.
C, In supine position, LLD can be evaluated from the distance between the malleoli.
Involvement of any of the following qualifies as a single minor criterion: scalp or anterior hairline; malar eminences of face, forehead, or chin; V-area of neck or upper chest (V-sign); nape of neck or posterior aspect of shoulders (shawl sign); extensor surfaces of the arms or forearms; linear streaking overlying extensor tendons on the dorsal aspects of the hands; periungual areas; lateral surface of thighs or hips (holster sign); medial malleoli.
The Stirrup Ankle Support is an economical and convenient universal support that features a washable and removable fabric-covered foam inner linen It has an adjustable foot strap for proper placement over the malleoli, and is secured with hook and loop straps.
Herbst Cradle[TM] from Brown Medical Industries is a new ankle/foot orthosis product used for the treatment of plantar flexion and Achilles' contractures, and for prevention and healing of decubital ulcers on the heel and malleoli.
On examination, lichenified plaques measuring 10x10cms were seen over the lateral malleoli of both lower limbs [Figure 1].
Ankle blockade consists of blocking the five nerves that provide sensory innervation to the region distal to the malleoli.
POSITION The tibio-talar joint axis passes distally to the tip of each malleolus, it's position may be estimated by placing the tips of your fingers at the most distal ends of the malleoli.
The initial evaluation revealed diffuse ankle swelling, tenderness, and pain at the distal aspect of both malleoli.
Dermatological examination revealed well demarcated, symmetrical, hyperkeratotic, erythematous to violaceous, lichenified plaques on the dorsal aspects of feet, malleoli and ankles (Figures 1).