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Identifying presence of a contact between the perforation and the manubrium mallei
mallei from the nasal swabs was performed as recommended by the manufacturer of the Mini DNA kit (Qiagen, UK).
mallei fliP/IS407A region with its species wide conserved gene inversion and truncation provided the target for B.
mallei, the deduced amino acid sequence of truncated TssB also showed 100% identity with the protein homologue present in Burkholderia pseudomallei (data not shown).
mallei antibodies in apparently healthy Pakistani army equids.
mallei was carried out on 8 to 4 decades old archived isolates dating back mostly to pre-antibiotic era.
mallei occurred at Camp Detrick, Frederick, Maryland [3].
mallei colonies were analyzed with the API 20 NE-test (bioMerieux, Marcy l'Etoile, France) and were positive for nitrate, glucose assimilation, arginine dehydrolase (after 4 days of incubation), N-acetyl glucosamine, and potassium gluconate.
Our study suggests that numerous lineages of Burk-holderia mallei are present in Punjab, Pakistan, and that these lineages persist across geographic space and time.