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(mă-līn′) [ME. maligne]
Tending to injure or harm; malignant.
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Patient discussion about malign

Q. how many types of cancer are they?

A. There are over 200 different types of cancer. You can develop cancer in any body organ. There are over 60 different organs in the body where you can get a cancer.

Each organ is made up of several different tissue types. For example, there is usually a surface covering of skin or epithelial tissue. Underneath that there will be some connective tissue, often containing gland cells. Underneath that there is often a layer of muscle tissue and so on. Each type of tissue is made up of specific types of cells. Cancer can develop in just about any type of cell in the body. So there is almost always more than one type of cancer that can develop in any one organ.

Q. why does it call "cancer"?can you treat cancer?

A. the name came from the appearance of the cut surface of a solid malignant tumour, with the veins stretched on all sides as the animal the crab has its feet, whence it derives its name. Hippocrates first called it in that name after describing few types of cancer.
some of the cancers are treatable but that is a big subject. there are some very nice videos here on the site that can give you a clue about that. just search them there ^ :)

Q. Cancer - incurable? When i was surfing the internet for the incurable disease, i found CANCER is one among them. Is there not a medicine found yet? Really is it incurable?

A. I like to share with you what i read from a book it said 'With modern day treatments many cancers are completely cured but unfortunately there are still many others which are not.

Although it is not always possible to be certain, doctors are often able to tell whether or not a particular cancer might be cured. Even if cancer is incurable they will usually still offer treatment in the hope of prolonging life and, controlling, symptoms.'

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The petitioners pleaded with the court to initiate contempt of court proceedings against Sharif and his daughter and restrain them from maligning the judiciary.
Summary: New Delhi [India], May 3 (ANI): BJP candidate from the North West Delhi Lok Sabha seat, Hans Raj Hans, on Friday said he will file a defamation case against the Aam Aadmi Party leaders for maligning his image.
Quickly reacting to the video, Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi directed Sheikh Aftab Ahmad to take strict disciplinary action against the party activists involved in the activity of maligning the judges of the superior courts.
She said NAB is deliberately maligning PML-N leaders and that she was aware of how applications are accepted in NAB and how inquiries are started.
'Indian agencies should spare some time from maligning those speaking truth, and investigate those who have raised huge properties and bungalows from Karnah to Dubai and UK to Switzerland,' he said.
In a video message posted on Twitter, the former Pakistan opener claimed that the PCB was maligning his name and challenged the board's anti-corruption unit to present whatever evidence they had in public domain.
'In the spirit of fairness and (balanced) reporting, think it is but proper and decent for those who relied heavily on their statements, as the central characters responsible for incessantly maligning my reputation to follow suit, or at least make amends, not pecuniarily, but simply to restore the moral damage they have done to my dignity and honor,' he said.
Rabri accused the Nitish Kumar-led Bihar government of "maligning the image of Yadavs" by sending Rajballabh to jail.
WAZIRABAD -- A local Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader flayed former premier Nawaz Sharif for, "what he said", maligning the state institutions.
Given the magnitude of maligning the judiciary there can be no second opinion that the PML-N has emerged as a anti-democratic party on Pakistan's political landscape.
PML-N is deliberately pushing country anarchy and clash of institutions by maligning Army repeatedly, they said.
Khan took to twitter and posted that, the Premier is maligning the name of his late father and children.