malignant meningioma

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ma·lig·nant me·nin·gi·o·ma

meningioma that is poorly differentiated, has excessive mitotic activity, or metastasizes.

malignant meningioma

A rare, aggressive meningeal tumour of brain and spinal cord.
Clinical findings
Headaches, new onset seizures, focal weakness, mental changes, unusual behaviour, urinary incontinence, anosmia, cranial nerve defects, decreased vision, contralateral hemianopsia, hearing loss, spinal pain.

Medical management is useless; some meningiomas have increased fatty acid synthesis, which might provide a therapeutic handle in the distant future; surgery is indicated for meningiomas likely to continue growing (tumours with greatest growth potential lack calcification, are hyperintense in T2 by MRI, and have peritumoral oedema).

65% 5-year survival; 35% 10-year survival.
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It is critical to recognize the background in which such tumors can develop and to determine whether the predilection is due to the individual (an inherent tendency to develop malignant meningiomas and/or sarcomas) or due to the tumor (tendency for malignant transformation).
Continued growth of malignant meningiomas replaces brain tissue by tumor tissue with subsequent proliferation and increasing of malignancy (Shugol et al.
reported that atypical and malignant meningiomas tend to be markedly hyperintense on diffusion-weighted MR images and exhibit marked decreases in the diffusion constant ( D [sub]av) or apparent diffusion coefficient values when compared with normal brain parenchyma.

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