malignant glaucoma

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ma·lig·nant glau·co·ma

secondary glaucoma caused by forward displacement of the iris and lens, obliterating the anterior chamber; usually follows a filtering operation for primary glaucoma.
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However, suture removal or lysis may cause further complications like conjunctival hole with aqueous leak, sudden hypotony, shallow anterior chamber, malignant glaucoma and inflammation or may be unsuccessful due to thick overlying conjunctiva or blood over sutures.
Along with other agents that decrease aqueous humor production, they are considered to be the topical hypotensive agent of choice for malignant glaucoma as they reduce the volume of aqueous humor misdirected into the vitreous, and therefore reduce the forces pushing the lens-iris diaphragm anteriorly.
Medical management of raised IOP has been reported to be successful within a 5-day period in 50% of humans with malignant glaucoma (18) and in 18 cats with malignant glaucoma (approximately 66% of cats treated) in one case series.
Malignant glaucoma following blunt trauma of the eye.

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