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an individual of the sex that produces spermatozoa.
male erectile disorder the psychiatric term for psychogenic impotence; a sexual dysfunction involving failure by a male to attain or maintain erection until completion of sexual relations causing significant distress or interpersonal difficulty. See also female sexual arousal disorder.
male orgasmic disorder persistently delayed or absent orgasm in a man after a normal sexual excitement phase that is adequate in focus, intensity, and duration. The most common form involves inability to achieve orgasm during intercourse although it can be achieved by manual or oral stimulation. See also female orgasmic disorder.
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1. In zoology, denoting the sex to which those belong that produce sperms; a person of that sex.
2. Synonym(s): masculine
[L. masculus, fr. mas, male]
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a. Of, relating to, or designating the sex that has organs to produce spermatozoa for fertilizing ova.
b. Characteristic of or appropriate to this sex in humans and other animals: male hormones; male fashions.
c. Consisting of members of this sex: a male choir.
2. Of or denoting the gamete that is smaller and more motile than the other corresponding gamete. Used of anisogamous organisms.
3. Botany
a. Relating to or designating organs, such as anthers or antheridia, that produce gametes capable of fertilizing those produced by female organs.
b. Bearing stamens but not pistils; staminate: male flowers.
4. Designating an object, such as an electric plug, designed for insertion into another part or a socket.
1. A male organism.
2. A man or boy.

male′ness n.
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A man; an XY chromosome carrier.
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Dude, guy, feller, man, chap, bloke
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1. zoology Denoting the sex to which those belong that produce sperms; an individual of that sex.
2. Synonym(s): masculine.
[L. masculus, fr. mas, male]
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Patient discussion about male

Q. can a bladder infection affect male's ability to have sex?

A. I haven't heard about such an association However, this is only general statement, so if you have any concerns you may want to consult a doctor.

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Q. what is the required weight for 173 cm male?

A. here is a link to a Wikipedia that comes handy, it's about the BMI (body mass index) system:

Q. How can a male have a breast cancer? hello, I have a weird question here and I am not sure how many have come across this? I am not sure but I need to know whether this could be true ……my boyfriend who has been diagnosed with breast cancer……it is terribly strange but how on earth this could be possible?..I strongly think that it must be a chest cancer but they call it breast cancer. How can a male have a breast cancer?

A. Yes Saloni, Male breast cancers do exist but it is very rare. It’s called breast cancer because males do have some nonfunctioning breast tissues i.e. they can’t produce milk. It’s only found in just 1% patients. I feel sorry that your boyfriend has been diagnosed with one. However I think with proper treatment and medication, It can be cured.

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This article serves as a starting point within the discourse of the Boondocks, maleness and curriculum.
Once the Gothic is thus shown as being permeated by ideological discourses on male instability and medical discourse is exposed as shot through with Gothic abjections of what is 'other' to British males in British males, Smith goes on to reveal the 'structures of feeling' in still other sites of deep Victorian anxiety about maleness where the Gothic is one among the many discourses being deployed to half-expose/half-conceal irresolvable contradictions.
More research is needed to understand how the entrepreneur and entrepreneurship are linked to constructs of maleness or femaleness.
Because the Peace women embrace but do not try to captivate maleness, that household is full of beautiful boys.
I would argue as strongly as I can that these presuppositions and reactions about human genderedness are rooted in a deep cultural preference for the cultural construct of maleness over the cultural construct of femaleness, which is why women want to act like men, but men don't want to act like women.
Transposed onto these are psychoanalytical paradigms, but thankfully, it is not Freud, Lacan, or Mulvey who rides again, but most often Klein, thus allowing Powrie neatly to sidestep the problem of 'the assumed maleness of the gaze' and the 'disempowerment of the female spectator' (p.
Although this "exaggeration" was less evident in the public persona of British building operatives, nevertheless the self-descriptors captured above encapsulate those key defining elements of "independence, mutuality and pride in craft" that bespoke respectable working-class male identity-where skill, craft and workplace control equated to maleness. (15) Twentieth-century deskilling and the introduction of female labor, which destabilized such constructs for male manufacturing workers, were noticeably less evident as processes in building.
As a homage to maleness they removed the toilet seat completely.
The statute defines sexual orientation to include having a self-image not traditionally associated with one's biological maleness or femaleness.
But we have come a long way toward a diverse society that respects both the maleness and the individuality of boys and young men.
"But that good news is stifled when Jesus' maleness, which belongs to his historical identity, is interpreted as being essential to his redeeming christic function and identity.