male sterility

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male ste·ril·i·ty

the inability of the male to fertilize the ovum; it may or may not be associated with impotence.
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male ster·i·li·ty

(māl stĕr-ili-tē)
Inability of the male to fertilize the oocyte or ovum; may or may not be associated with impotence.
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male sterility

The inability of a male either to produce sperm or to produce viable sperm, thereby prohibiting fertilization of the ovum. This may result from congenital factors, such as cryptorchidism or maldevelopment of the testicular ducts or testis, or acquired factors, such as radiation to, or surgical removal of, the testes.
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(2007) who also observed negative effects of male sterility inducing cytoplasm on kernel length after cooking for various cross combinations.
In contrast to our study, male sterility following damage to the male copulatory organ has been demonstrated in several spider species.
This source of male sterility was found in the French cultivar Jaune Paille de Vertus.
While a great deal of effort has gone into determining the genetic basis of hybrid sterility, the actual "phenotype" of hybrid male sterility has typically been ignored.
Keywords: Oryza; Hybrid rice; Male sterility; CGMS; TGMS; PGMS
To investigate whether the compound prevented conception at even lower levels than those cited in the company's study, Wolgemuth's team placed the treated male mice with females and found that reversible male sterility occurred with doses as low as 1.0mg/kg of body weight for a 4-week dosing period.
P912 would likely have segregated for self-fertility, genetic male sterility, powdery mildew resistance, rhizomania resistance, hypocotyl color (R:rr), etc.
Only half of the kernels in the corn varieties contained avidin because male sterility occurs in avidin-positive plants.
The issue of how many genes are involved in hybrid male sterility is also examined.
In some patients, mucus builds up within the pancreas, intestines, or sperm ducts as well, leading to nutritional deficiencies or male sterility
Although the double recessive genetic male sterility (GMS) line, ms5ms6, of upland cotton has been extensively used in breeding programs, possible mechanisms of pollen abortion remain unknown.
Biotic (virus/bacterial/insect) and a-biotic (salt) resistant and quality (male sterility) genes have already been incorporated in some crop plants.