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Male members are mainly in their 30s and 40s, although their age groups span from the late 20s to up to the 70s.
Every poll of the faithful offers clear proof that the people are eager for this to happen, that they see no God-given reason for the limitation of the priesthood to single, celibate, male members. It is the papacy and hierarchy who are disinclined to heed the wisdom of the faithful.
5) To resolve the issue of who can or cannot be a member of CNWE; they already have male members, and seeing that CNWE is a member of NAC (the National Action Committee on the Status of Women), the question arose as to whether they can still belong to NAC while having male members.
But now some male members are objecting to the picture of Mr Bean as a male role model in a fitness centre.
Tobin-Teno is a lawyer who for years complained that the golf club gave the best playing time to its male members. Women were excluded entirely from prime playing times between 5 p.m.
The play centers on Maurya, an old woman who has lost to the sea all the male members of her family except Bartley, the last of her six sons.
But coffee just doesn't pack a big enough punch for the male members of a remote Amazonian tribe called the Achuar Jivaro, report two ethnobotanists from Washington University in St.
Second, male members of the rural communities need to be sensitised about population challenges facing their province and the country overall.
Amir Kulaglic, member of the Advisory Board of the Institute, lost all the male members of his family in the genocide in Srebrenica.
Other obstructions include withholding of funds for campaigning of female members by parties and parties using the reserved seats for female members as a front to covertly represent their male members. This suppresses, frustrates the work and ideologies of actual female political workers struggling for the party.
Of the 45 members who took part in the budget debate, six were females and 39 male members. Two female lawmakers each of JUI-F and PML-N and one each of QWP-S and PTI debated the budget for 86 minutes, while the male lawmakers expressed their views for 928 minutes.
The president of the Tokyo 2020 organizing committee, YoshirAaAa Mori, praised the club's board of directors, which is solely made up of 15 male members, for voting to uphold the spirit of the Olympic charter of non-discrimination.