male homosexuality

male ho·mo·sex·u·al·i·ty

erotic predisposition, or activity, including sexual congress, between two men, after the age of puberty.
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This paved the way for the eventual removal in 1993 of the Victorian law against male homosexuality (see Conrad 2004: 47-62).
As Vidal's starkly opposing "athletes so drawn to the entirely masculine" to "transvestites or lonely bookish boys" makes clear, The City in the Pillar attempts to normalize male homosexuality by detaching it from any association with effeminacy.
On Monday, a new afternoon soap opera went on air over GMA 7, one of the two biggest TV networks in the country, with a gay-themed soap opera, providing Filipinos another look at the flip side of the LGBT spectrum since the programme deals with male homosexuality.
The theories, which have also been adopted by conservative religious opponents of gay marriage, hold that male homosexuality emerges from family dynamics--often, a distant father and an overbearing mother--or from early sexual abuse.
"We have a genetic predisposition for spiritual belief that is expressed in response to, and shaped by, personal experience and the cultural environment," writes Hamer, who years earlier claimed to find the genetic basis of male homosexuality. Although other scientists have put forth this idea in the past, Hamer became the first to identify the gene where God may reside--VMAT2, an acronym for vesicular monoamine transporter 2.
The whole point of male homosexuality is a flight from marriage, from monogamy, from the responsibility of raising a family.
The remainder of the chapter contrasts the different Gothic strategies employed by two of the most celebrated recent writers of Gothic fiction in order to represent female and male homosexuality respectively.
Hallas puts the reader in touch with an archive of rarely seen material that speaks to popular media constructions of the epidemic and male homosexuality, encompassing film, television, installation art and opera.
The object of enquiry of this paper is an investigation and interrogation of the psychoanalytic understandings of male homosexuality (1) commencing with Freud and concluding with contemporary theory (Corbett, 1997; Goldsmith, 2001; Isay, 1996; 2009; Lewes, 1998; Phillips, 2001).
In this final chapter, Greven reaches a crescendo on the theme of masculinities, for male homosexuality is just one more face of patriarchy, the Law of the Lather.