malarial cachexia

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a profound and marked state of constitutional disorder; general ill health and malnutrition. adj. adj cachec´tic.
cachexia hypophysiopri´va symptoms resulting from total loss of pituitary function, including loss of sexual function, bradycardia, hypothermia, apathy, and coma.
malarial cachexia the physical signs resulting from antecedent attacks of severe malaria, including anemia, sallow skin, yellow sclera, splenomegaly, hepatomegaly, and, in children, retardation of growth and puberty.
pituitary cachexia simmonds' disease.
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chron·ic ma·lar·i·a

malaria that develops after frequently repeated attacks of one of the acute forms, usually falciparum malaria; it is characterized by profound anemia, enlargement of the spleen, emaciation, mental depression, sallow complexion, edema of ankles, feeble digestion, and muscular weakness.
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malarial cachexia

Wasting due to chronic malaria.
See also: cachexia
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