malar flush

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1. transient episodic redness of the face and neck caused by certain diseases, ingestion of certain drugs or other substances, heat, emotional factors, or physical exertion.
2. the rapid delivery of a bolus of solution through an intravenous line or catheter for the purpose of maintaining patency or insuring the complete delivery of all fluids in the lumen.
hectic flush a persistent or chronic flush associated with chronic debilitating disease, usually febrile.
heparin flush a dilute solution of heparin that is used to flush an intravenous line or arterial catheter.
malar flush a redness of the cheeks caused by excitement.

ma·lar flush

localized hectic flush and warmth of the malar eminences, often occurring in tuberculosis and sometimes seen in rheumatic fever or systemic lupus erythematosus.

malar flush

A bright-colored flush over the malar area and cheekbones. It may be associated with any febrile disease.
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malar flush

A high flush over the cheek bones, with a bluish tinge that has, in the past, been taken to be an important sign of narrowing of the MITRAL valve of the heart. Sometimes called the ‘mitral facies’.