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Jan A., 20th-century Swedish geneticist. See: Böök syndrome.
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The real danger of turning kids off from reading and hurling them permanently in the direction of electronic media, we were convinced, was in making books too superficial.
The college's family learning co-ordinator, Allison Pheasey, said: "This event was a way for families to have fun and work together making books, but also find out about local family learning opportunities.
Concentrating on evidence for making Books of Hours, Thomas Kren in "Seven Illuminated Books of Hours written by the Parisian Scribe Jean Dutheuil circa 1475-85," presents a test case involving that scribe's work.
Kyra Bhuee, also aged six, felt they were a nice colour, but also very useful - making books easier to carry.
THOUSAND OAKS - From writing ancient hieroglyphics to binding modern novels, the art of making books will be displayed during a free event Saturday at the Grant R.
There's been a gradual growth of interest in making books in schools.
He wants to keep making books that kids want to read.