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William J., English surgeon, 1810-1894. See: Little disease.
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The remark makes little sense until you realize that the driver is no ordinary cabbie but Boris Tadic, the President of Serbia and Montenegro.
A study a few years ago, widely respected by various factions in the global-warming debate, concluded that reducing emissions to meet Kyoto Protocol levels would cost $220 billion to garner but $95 billion in supposed benefits, Even laying aside the unproven nature of global warming, that tactic makes little sense.
The take-home message from our article was and is: It makes little sense to screen blood donors to detect a bioterror attack.
Victoria Beckham makes little from showbusiness nowadays but a lot from being half of one of the world's biggest celebrity couples.
But it makes little sense to distinguish between circumstances in which an attorney is paid on an hourly basis and those in which the client and attorney have agreed to a contingent fee arrangement; cf.
Despite its groundbreaking move into the naturist market, Mexico makes little effort to publicize its nude beaches.
More important, McMenamin demonstrates that the SEC's civil case against Stewart "hinges upon an elastic understanding of insider trading, an offense that Congress has never defined," and that "the justification for the ban on insider trading, which makes little or no economic or legal sense, is just as murky as the behavior covered by it.
He makes little use of the political character of some of Paul's language (in 1:27,29-30) and in the use, for example, of [euro][nu][tau]i[mu][omicron][upsilon]s and [lambda][euro][lota][tau][omicron][rho][gamma]i[alpha]s in 2:29-30 about Epaphroditus.
Moreover, it makes little sense to ascribe a fixed national identity to black Anglophone authors before David Walker.
But what they say makes little sense-their talk becomes a kind of ornament, like a wall paper of speech balloons.
Naming Reno as a defendant makes little sense, since the IRS is a subdivision of the Treasury Department, not the Justice Department.
Such a disparity, she says, makes little ecological sense.