major operation

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ma·jor op·er·a·tion

an extensive, relatively difficult surgical procedure involving vital organs or in itself hazardous to life.
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Hearing in the press and media that older people are not given the correct care and respect made me, a 72 year old, rather worried about going into hospital for two major operations.
Yemeni security forceslaunched a major operation onTuesday todetain a Saudi bomb maker suspected of being behindth recentU.
Cases of DVT are common among long-haul air passengers and patients confined to long periods of bed-rest after major operations, and Flintoff was ordered not to put any weight on his knee for two months after the revolutionary microfracturing surgery to repair damaged cartilage.
He elected to hang up his boots rather than undergo another major operation - this time on his right knee," said a statement.
Mr Drinkwater said that, following a major operation, he was told not to lift heavy objects.
and Afghan troops earlier carried out a major operation to flush out al-Qaida and Taliban fighters.
A Hampshire Constabulary photo of the toy life-size tiger which sparked a major operation involving armed officers and a force helicopter
He added that 31 major operations have been undertaken in the region.