major operation

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ma·jor op·er·a·tion

an extensive, relatively difficult surgical procedure involving vital organs or in itself hazardous to life.
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According to sources, the Anti-Violent Crime Cell on an intelligence report conducted a major operation in Karachi and arrested two operatives of a gang involved in kidnapping for ransom and other crimes.
In the meantime, Hashd al-Shaabi announced that its forces launched a major operation under the command of Salahuddin police to hunt fugitive ISIL terrorists in Mount Hamrin East of Salahuddin.
The statement read: "Our firefighters have been part of a major operation after a single lorry caught fire on the M40 southbound earlier this morning.
The hospital received 541,074 patients by Accident and Emergency Department, 787,407 patients received in various OPDs, 96,640 patients admitted in various units, 33,126 major operations carried out in different OTs, 1,197,427 various investigations carried out in pathology department, 147,237 blood bags issued to various patients, 21,185 patient visited Physiotherapy Department, 105,757 different procedures carried out in different sections (EEG, ECG, Echo, ETT, and Audiology, Bronchoscopy (Chest), Lithotripsy, Eye, Dental, Endoscopy and Skin Procedure).
"It was a pretty major operation but certainly not one we don't expect him to make a full recovery from."
"This was a major operation," he said, "the place was crawling with officers - and it's needed.
The British involvement was part of a major operation by 215 Corps of the Afghan National Army (ANA) to clear insurgents in the Sangin district of Helmand Province, in the south.
Last night gardai began a major operation to ensure motorists drive safely on the country's roads over the Bank Holiday weekend.
Sally, by email ATHIS is a major operation so your body reacting to the trauma may be making you feel low.
SIX men were charged with terror offences after they were arrested last week in a major operation.
Summary: Yemeni security forces launched a major operation onTuesday to detain a Saudi bomb maker suspected of being behind th recent U.S.-bound bomb parcels.
During a major operation on the Balearic island, police seized 38,000 ecstasy tablets, 8.8lb (4kg) of cocaine, 8.8oz (250g) of ketamine, 7 pints (4l) of GHB, and 1.8oz (50g) of crystal MDMA.