major minerals

ma·jor min·er·als

(mā'jǒr min'ĕr-ălz)
Minerals required by adults in amounts exceeding 100 mg/day.
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He said marble and granite was among the major minerals extracted in Pakistan after coal, rock salt, limestone and China clay, but there was still lot more potential to develop this sector.
But the likelihood of Chinese state-owned giants successfully mounting takeovers of major minerals and coal firms in Indonesia, the world's largest exporter of thermal coal and tin, is small.
Potassium, sodium, zinc and iron were the major minerals identified by scientists, each with values of 603, 73.
Below is a summary of the best food sources for the major minerals.
Coverage includes an overview of middle age nutrition and exercise concerns; energy-yielding nutrients--carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins; fat-soluble vitamins, vitamin C, and the B-vitamins; major minerals, iron, and trace elements excluding iron; fluids, electrolytes, and hydration; commonly consumed substances such as caffeine, tannins, and herbal supplements; resistance and endurance training in relation to nutrient intakes, exercise recommendations, and overall health; and age-related chronic diseases--cardiovascular disorders and cancer--in relation to nutrition and exercise.
Chapter titles include: Foundations of the Human Body, Food and the Human Body, Human Digestion and Absorption, Carbohydrates, Lipids, Protein, Water, Vitamins, Major Minerals, Minor Minerals, Energy Metabolism, Body Composition and Obesity, Nutrition and Activity, Nutrition Supplements and Nutraceuticals, Nutrition and Human Reproduction, Cardiovascular Disease and Nutrition, Cancer and Nutrition, Diabetes and Nutrition, Osteoporosis and Nutrition, Nutrition Research: Past, Present, and Future, Nutrition in the 21st Century; followed by Appendices AG and the Index.
Increased volumes of coal, gold, copper, iron and other major minerals, as well as gas and oil, helped the rise.
China's 45 major minerals needed to be basically guaranteed.
Below is a summary of where to find some of the most important vitamins; in another article we'll look at the best food sources for the major minerals.
Information is provided on calories, fat, fatty acids, cholesterol, protein, starch, sugars, dietary fibre and all the vitamins and major minerals.
Prophecy Platinum is merging with struggling Sudbury-area nickel producer Ursa Major Minerals to form a new mid-tier miner.
According to law the responsibility for minor minerals like sand and stones lies with the state government and responsibility for major minerals lies with the central government.