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A spokesperson for the East of England Ambulance Service said: "The trust initiated its major incident plan due to the potential number
A major incident plan was not implemented and there were clear operational failures in response to the disaster ?
A spokeswoman for Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust said: "Due to the scale of the incident we enacted our Major Incident Plan and dispatched a significant number of resources to the scene including ambulances, our Hazardous Area Response Team, doctors and air ambulances.
Mr Deacon said: "We have a major incident plan and we rehearse it at least once a year.
They believe a Major Incident Plan was never initiated by South Yorkshire Police and fans at the Leppings Lane end were denied emergency medical attention.
They believe a Major Incident Plan was never initiated by South Yorkshire police and Liverpool fans were denied emergency medical attention.
We obviously put our major incident plan into action very quickly and evacuated all of the patients and staff from that block.
The Major Incident Plan defines an individual's role, how they coordinate with others and provides a single point of reference in case of any doubt.
For the directly physical threat, you need to consider preparing a Major Incident Plan, which may either be a stand alone, or link to the non-directly physical Business Disaster Recovery Plan.
The staff suggested the DHB's bed management policy be adhered to consistently and that the major incident plan be activated by ED when it was in crisis.
Our major incident plan kicks in and back-up generators fired up to ensure racing can continue.
THE police officer who made the request for a fleet of ambulances at Hillsborough said he didn't know the emergency code word set out in the force's major incident plan.

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