major incident plan

major incident plan

A contingency plan which the UK Department of Health requires all NHS trusts to have in place to prepare for unexpected “incidents”. A major incident is one in which, because of the number and/or the severity of casualties, or its location, requires special arrangements by one or more of the Emergency Services or Hospitals.

Major Incident Categories
Category 1: A major external incident involving large numbers of casualties arriving at a particular hospital. Normal hospital services may be stopped or restricted during the incident.

Category 2: An external incident that doesn’t involve large numbers of casualties arriving at a particular hospital, but has a significant impact on the hospital’s normal activities and functions.

Category 3: An internal incident (or incidents) which significantly impacts on the hospital’s normal functions and activities, and may involve hospital inpatients.
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Senior officials have been reminded of the emergency and disaster planning protocols and warned the Kirklees Major Incident Plan could be activated.
At that stage, the nature and extent of the situation was unclear, but by 1.55pm, the department's major incident plan had been activated.
The documentary crew was on hand at St Mary's Hospital as its Major Incident Plan was carried out perfectly following the Westminster attack in March, in which four people were killed.
"We have activated our major incident plan to make sure we can maintain the safety and welfare of patients," the spokesman said.
A major incident plan was not implemented and there were clear operational failures in response to the disaster ?
For the directly physical threat, you need to consider preparing a major incident plan, which may either be a stand alone, or link to the non-directly physical business disaster recovery plan.
They believe a Major Incident Plan was never initiated by South Yorkshire Police and fans at the Leppings Lane end were denied emergency medical attention.
"We obviously put our major incident plan into action very quickly and evacuated all of the patients and staff from that block.
Our major incident plan kicks in and back-up generators fired up to ensure racing can continue.
"Each hospital has a major incident plan so that if there is an incident of this type, you're going to get an influx of patients with major injuries and lots with minor injuries.
Royal Berkshire Hospital spokesman Nigel Evison said the hospital had activated its major incident plan to deal with the crash.
Letterkenny General Hospital activated its major incident plan to deal with the dozens of patients brought in by ambulance and car.

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