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Nearly 60% of the t(14;18)-translocations are clustered within a 166 bp sequence of the so-called major breakpoint region (MBR) (4).
(10) B-glohin 1A GTA CGG CTG TCA TCA CTT AGA C F In-house B-globin lB AAA CCC AAG AGT CTT CTC TGT C R In-house MBR: Major breakpoint region: mcr: minor cluster: region: F: forward: R: reverse.
(2) MBR: Major breakpoint region; F: forward: R: reverse.
Twelve cell lines were examined for the t(14;18) chromosome rearrangement, using a probe that detects the bcl-2 major breakpoint region (Fig.
Detection of rearrangements of the BCL2 major breakpoint region in follicular lymphomas.
Major Breakpoint Regiond/[J.sub.H] PCR.--Rapid-cycle PCR analysis was performed[13] using paired otigonucleotide primers specific for the major breakpoint region of the bcl-2 gene and the [J.sub.H] region of the immunoglobulin heavy-chain joining region for the first round of PCR, which consisted of 25 cycles of denaturation (94 [degrees] C for 0 seconds), annealing (60 [degrees] C for 1 second), and extension (72 [degrees] C for 10 seconds) using 50 ng of DNA as the starting template.
Although the breakpoints in the IGH gene are clustered at the JH region, the breakpoints in the BCL2 gene are widely distributed over a 30-kb span, including the major breakpoint regions 1 and 2 (MBR1, MBR2), the minor cluster regions 1 and 2 (mcrl, mcr2), and some less common regions (9).

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