maintenance phase

maintenance phase,

n the period following treatment for a specific condition during which the patient may undergo occasional examinations and treatments in order to regain optimal dental health.
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In addition, the claimed methods allow for a loading phase and a maintenance phase of supplementation and allows for further loading after achieving and maintaining a desired level of muscle carnosine, concluded the company.
This is part of Kanoo industrial and energy strategy to expand its range of solutions to clients within the operations and maintenance phase of projects," Mr Burke said.
It focuses on high technology in managing project information during their lifecycles, right from the design stage up to the operation and maintenance phase.
The maintenance phase is started after successful clearance of affected skin.
It has two phases: a reduction phase to lessen lymphoedema which might last two to four weeks, followed by a maintenance phase to prevent its recurrence.
Voluntary ex ante transparency notice: Post-initial operations and maintenance Phase I of the optical sensors provided by Spain to the EU SST support framework (established by Decision 541/2014 / EU).
Cohort program length was 9-12 months, divided into a core phase (12 weeks), a transition phase (8-12 weeks) and a maintenance phase (up to 28 weeks).
During this maintenance phase, the subjects were randomly assigned to either the control rye bread (n = 21) or the green tea rye bread containing 1.
Artificial Neural Network is used to analyze and predict the software reliability of the maintenance phase.
It will also create around 300-500 jobs during the construction phase and 20-40 other jobs during the operation and maintenance phase.
The construction value of the project is PS22m, after which a 20-year operation and maintenance phase will commence.
Pharmacological treatments for acute mania and hypomania, bipolar depression, and the maintenance phase are discussed.

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