maintenance medication

main·te·nance med·i·ca·tion

medication taken to stabilize an illness or symptoms of illness.
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That I'm not on any maintenance medication is another wonder of wonders, although I actually choose what to take-one calcium tablet and one turmeric-cum-cumin capsule at breakfast or lunch are about it.
Rite Aid noted that Rx90 provides access to the largest 90day retail maintenance medication network, encompassing more than 12,000 total pharmacies, and features reduced co-payments, giving most members 15 to 30 days of free coverage.
In addition to Walgreens, Rx90 offers access to 4,000 other retail pharmacies, making it the largest 90-day retail maintenance medication network in the country.
Although it is a lifelong problem, most patients remain well for long periods with maintenance medication and only suffer a flare or relapse for a few weeks at a time.
Even young drivers between 30 and 40 can develop elevated/abnormal blood pressure that calls for maintenance medication.
Foundations similarly does not use maintenance medication therapies for opioid addiction, although research director Morse says otherwise the facility tends to look at any interventions that it believes could improve the patient's quality of life.
The drug, which is delivered by inhalation, is the first maintenance medication for this condition that is taken once daily.
A mild asthmatic only needs rescue medication during an asthma attack, whereas moderate and severe sufferers should be taking maintenance medication every day as well as rescue medication during attacks.
During the 18-month follow-up period, relapse occurred among 38 percent of those in the cognitive behavioral therapy group, 46 percent of those in the maintenance medication group and 60 percent of those in the placebo group, making both medication and behavioral therapy effective at preventing relapse.
Using asthma maintenance medication as prescribed to get the underlying condition under control also will help control symptoms better, Warrier says.
The type of loading medication had no effect on children's response, but the type of maintenance medication did--and significantly so.
6 parts per billion were significantly associated with respiratory symptoms and rescue medication use among children with asthma severe enough to require using maintenance medication.
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