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adj a broad category used to describe patients with illnesses which, although not fully curable, can be mitigated or managed with proper treatment.

Patient discussion about maintainable

Q. I have heard probiotics, how do we maintain them naturally? I have heard probiotics i.e. useful bacteria should be maintained in the human guts… do we maintain them naturally?

A. look, i heard several microbiologists tell the same thing. all those yogurts that try to give us bacteria we already have - are just bull #$&*. it just look good in commercials. the L. casai that they publish is a bacteria you have in a great amount in your mouth anyway, every time you swallow saliva - you get tons of them inside of you anyway. no need to buy expensive "supplements".

Q. how do u maintain your shape as par weight en diet? its bse am interested in knowing anything concerning my body.

A. maintain shape can be achieved only by doing sports through the diet. are you doing anything? 3 times a week is the least recommended and it will reshape you.
good luck!
and if you have more questions- don't be afraid to ask!

Q. Anyone know what my best option would be to maintain my fitness? hello all……….I have a problem…. I live in countryside and without proper roads to run on so I have to run on a dirt mix gravel road and now during winter we get a lot of snow. Both the condition makes my jogging very difficult and my legs pain lot. Anyone know what my best option would be to maintain my fitness?

A. I have a solution a very simple one. First have a good shoe for your summer to run on those dirty and gravel roads. During winter days if you run on snow it itself will make you endurance good and if you feel with some difficulty then try some time on a treadmill and get heated up and then run on the snow. Try this……….. All the best.

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Abdi, general counsel and constituted attorney of Modi, said that additional district judge Ruby Alka Gupta's court, in its 53- page order obtained on October 19, ruled that the suit was maintainable.
Beginning at the nexus of hard Ruby code and HTML, CSS and JavaScript, the work covers topics such as developing application layouts, design for readability, CSS, building maintainable forms, using presenters, mobile views, email integration, and performance optimization.
An apex court bench headed by Chief Justice S H Kapadia said: "In our view, the writ petition filed at the behest of an association is not maintainable.
The court had sought reply from the government with reference to this petition besides seeking arguments from the petitioner on " if the writ is maintainable or otherwise.
The Integrated Seawater Energy and Agriculture System venture progrmas to be 100% maintainable once efficient, using aquaculture to progressively generate biofuels.
The object of baling is to create a dense, transportable, bale with maintainable integrity, but the object of business is to ship loads to a purchaser, whether broker or mill," Stenson says.
With Red Hat's entry into the database market, we continue to expand the opportunity for customers to build more flexible and maintainable systems based on the benefits of open source technology," said Dr.
FacetPhone's network centric architecture based on industry standards gives customers an easily expandable, maintainable, and reliable telephone system.
He stated the proper jurisdiction was a magistrate's court under the Section 14 of Pakistan Environmental Protection Act (PEPA), 1997 and it may be maintainable at lower/trial courts (judicial magistrate).
The LHC registrar had declared this bail plea of Ayyan as not maintainable under the objection that a petition for bail had already been rejected by the LHC.
In his final arguments on Saturday, Barrister Asjad Saeed raising questions on maintainability of petition submitted that it was not maintainable as attached affidavits did not fulfil legal requirements.
natural gas utilities and related maintainable components on the DVC campus, develop a