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Past findings suggest that some interdenominational switching can be expected between Canada's four largest Mainline Protestant denominations but typically "switching is the exception not the norm among Mainliners" (Bibby 2002: 41).
As one mainliner remarked, "We do not call the world to be like ourselves, for we are already too like the world." A "Christian America" seemed to some a dubious goal.
It is a shame to find any fault with a book so brilliant, but the line between mainliners and evangelicals or Catholics feels a bit too brightly drawn for me.
Bibby said, for well-established Mainliners "not to be able to turn things around," noting that since the 1990s, "these groups have had a renewed sense of their need to minister better to young people, beginning with their youth."
Hardcore mainliners may hear voices in the head, or experience visual illusions that seem to the sufferers so tea!
Liberal mainliners are likely to view Scripture as allegory, metaphor, or myth, and to give tradition, experience, and reason roughly equal weight to Scripture.
Twenty-one percent of retailers give reading centers a fair-to-poor rating, yet almost all report having mainliners in new stores and more than a third predict the magazines-books combination will become more prominent in future stores.
McBride and his band, The Mainliners, appeared on RTE's The Showband Show in 1966 where they performed Gentle Mother.
Like the mainliners, the NCRLC shifted its emphasis from evangelism to social justice during the Depression, embraced a more conservative and nationalist vision in the years after World War II, tacked left during the 1960s, and stayed there while the rest of the country shifted rightward after the election of Ronald Reagan.
He shows that while conservative Protestants are more united than mainliners on issues like school prayer, marijuana and abortion, they are more divided on views about women and premarital sex.
Derek added: "In 1971, I wrote a spoof sketch for Halls Pictorial Weekly about a band called Mean Tom and the Highliners, an obvious send up of Big Tom and the Mainliners. There was a big physical resemblance between Big Tom and myself anyway, but that is where the resemblance ended - he could sing, I couldn't.
The last year's wave of events-regardless the spin-has left the region confused and concerned about the future of its long-running transportation cornerstone, including fast ferries and mainliners, alike.