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 [] (Fr.)
main en griffe [man-ong-grēf´] clawhand.


Alfred, U.S. pediatrician, 1868-1949. See: Hand-Schüller-Christian disease.


(hand), [TA]
The portion of the upper limb distal to the radiocarpal joint, comprising the wrist, palm, and fingers.
Synonym(s): manus [TA], main
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The Main Street America Group has a great reputation with independent insurance agents for pricing and service and is strongly growth-oriented, all of which aligns well with our business philosophy," said Kathryn Emmerson, chief executive officer of InsuranceNoodle, Inc.
The consolidated network operations model represented by MAIN and IRIS Networks, whereby telcos combine their buying power to build scale and improve competitiveness, is an increasing trend, notes Bernie Arnason, co-founder of Pivot Group LLC, a strategic telecom market research firm that is working with IRIS Networks.
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264 Main profile decoder that most other solutions omit, implement in a separate and complex non-programmable hardware block or necessitate more than 700 MHz of general CPU workload which significantly increases power consumption.
Main Street America's Main Line BOP property and liability product for the small business owner features broader eligibility than its previous BOP.
Architect of entrance tunnel, New York; facade, main shop, Tokyo
Among females, Asians and Hispanics with casual partners had the highest proportions of ethnicity discordance (71-73%), blacks with main or casual partners had the lowest (13-14%), and most other subgroups reported discordance in 24-48% of relationships.
Calogero said, "Through a concerted State effort to bring the necessary technical resources to each community, coupled with the financial incentives needed to stimulate new investment on Main Street, communities across the State will have a unique opportunity to bring back their Main Street or downtown business district.
Main Line Auto is being written with Main Street America's NGM Insurance Company in Arizona and South Carolina, and Main Street's America's Grain Dealers Mutual Insurance Company in Oklahoma.
Included in these improvements are modifications to the Watkins Booster Pump Station Pump Modifications and installation of 14,000 LF of 36" main and 71,000 LF of 16" main to improve distribution within the Service Area.
15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Main Street Capital Corporation (NYSE: MAIN) ("Main Street") announced today that it will release its third quarter 2015 results on Thursday, November 5, 2015, after the market closes.