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mahad (m·hädˑ),

n in Ayurvedic philosophy, the “cosmic intellect,” from which is derived the substance of the universe.
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The statement outlined rewards of up to USD six million for information on the whereabouts of Abu Ubaidah (Direye), up to USD five million each for information on Mahad Karate, Ma'alim Daud, and Hassan Afgooye, and up to USD three million each for information on Maalim Salman and Ahmed Iman Ali.
Salalah, Sept 9 (ONA) Ministry of Commerce and Industry organized in cooperation with Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI) and the US Embassy a seminar on free trade agreement between the Sultanate and the United States of America, under the auspices of Abdullah bin Salim bin Mahad al-Rowas, Head of OCCI, Dhofar Branch and in the presence of a number of businessmen in the governorate.
KARACHI -- Unseeded Ali Imran pulled off a shock in the first round of Independence Day Squash Tournament by berating second seed Mahad Javed 3-1 here at the PSF Jahangir Khan Squash Complex at the National Coaching Center on Wednesday.
MAHAD FARAH, 21, is a graduate currently looking for work and lives in Smithdown Road.
Nuradin Mahad, aged 26, of Clover Lea, Heath Town, was jailed at Wolverhampton Crown Court after pleading guilty to robbery.
In fact, Muktar Farah has not heard from his son in several years, according to the superstar athlete's brothers Mahad and Ahmed.
Police Mahad Mohamed at the scene told Xinhua that the car exploded at the entrance of a busy restaurant, which is barely 50 meters away from Central Hotel which was a scene of another deadly attack in February which killed at least 20 people.
Saim Tariq, Abdullah Zahid Haroon, Anees ur Rehman and Mahad Ali represented Hazara division in the championship.
Mumbai: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi kick-started his campaign in Mahad, Raigad district, and committed a faux pas by referring to Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the "opposition leader.
The second seminar will be organised at Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Salalah branch under the auspices of Sheikh Abdullah Salim Mahad Al Rawas, chairman of Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Salalah, which will be for businessmen and all members of the chamber.
Our main priority now is to maintain a high level of safety and security and to maximise the value of our current gold mining operations at Mahad Al Dahab and Bulgah, and our magnesite processing operations at Madina Industrial City.