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Size or extent.
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th] Magnitude offers customers incredible ways to transform their business," said Smith.
10 - Assam and Tibet, August 15, 1950, magnitude 8.
But Beroza's team considered data gathered during some recent large quakes, including a magnitude 7.
May 30, 1998: Northern Afghanistan and Tajikistan; magnitude 6.
The Storage Services Module and SANTap Service help enable storage solutions such as Xiotech Magnitude 3D and the TimeScale replication appliance to deliver enhanced capabilities and functionality for SME customers without compromising performance, integrity, or availability.
Jan 25, 1999: Western Colombia, magnitude 6; 1,171 killed.
The SANbuilder series provides the fundamental benefits of a storage area network (SAN) and the unique capabilities of XIOtech's MAGNITUDE hardware platform, married in meaningful ways to applications.
Xiotech, Magnitude, Magnitude 3D, REDI Software, Zero Server Footprint, Dimensional Storage Cluster, SAN in a BOX, TimeScale, DataScale, as simple as possible and GEORAID are trademarks or registered trademarks of Xiotech Corporation.
th] Magnitude achieved Microsoft's most elite partner designation of National Solution Provider.
He and his colleagues have discovered a quick way to estimate a quake's magnitude if there happens to be a seismometer near its epicenter.
While the results to date include substrates representative of only two types of soil media, valuable insight into the magnitude of the odorant fading in soils is possible.
In the past five years alone, Computerworld has won more than 100 print and online awards for editorial and design excellence, surpassing its direct competition by an order of magnitude.