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To increase the apparent size of, especially with a lens.
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Michael joins the Magnify team from Castle Hill Partners in Austin.
I wonder out loud: 'What might the eggs look like if we "zoomed in" to magnify them?'
Next, magnify your design so that it is either twice as large or three times as large as your original design.
Women owned Magnify Signs, located in SW Denver, also gives a big shout out of thanks, to their partners, colleagues, family and friends.
Areas in red magnify light most strongly, up to 30 times; blue regions introduce less amplification.
A CONTACT lens which is able to magnify an object by up to 2.8 times with a blink of the eye has been created by researchers in Switzerland.
While the program can zoom in and out of open PDF files (and even display the document in a full-screen view), the Smart Magnify feature in Preview for OS X 10.7 (and later) enlarges a specific area of the document quickly.
The software will magnify a portion of the screen to reduce the need for fine, precise pointing.
It can magnify the full screen area from 1.5 up to 4 times.
Magnification software such as Magic, ZoomText and Lunar magnify text and images on the computer screen up to 36 times.