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To increase the apparent size of, especially with a lens.
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Next, magnify your design so that it is either twice as large or three times as large as your original design.
Women owned Magnify Signs, located in SW Denver, also gives a big shout out of thanks, to their partners, colleagues, family and friends.
These funds magnify the growing dominance of these non-physical positions in the nickel and stainless market.
For his new duet, Out There, May 22-June 8 at Dance Theater Workshop, Jasperse will magnify the intimate quality of his earlier work by zooming in on long-time collaborator Juliette Mapp and himself.
Their magnifying of each its kind with delight calls to mind how she did in her stored magnify the Lord.
Previous telescopes could only magnify three times but Galileo's refracting telescope could magnify objects 20 times making it possible to use it for astronomy.
Vocabulary: Case, clue, conclude, crime, discover, disguise, evidence, examine, fingerprint, identification, incognito, information, investigate, law, locate, magnify, monocle, mystery, observation, search, secret code, sleuth, solve, trail, uncover, walkie-talkie.
Lastly, screen magnification techniques can include a magnifying lens placed in front of the system monitor; software programs; or a combination of hardware and software solutions that magnify the screen output.
Magnification refers to the binocular's ability to magnify the image the viewer focuses on.
Its usefulness is enhanced by its ability to magnify and project images onto video monitors and recorders.
Q: Isn't there a sense in which fights like that magnify the point your art is making?