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To increase the apparent size of, especially with a lens.
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The hand-held magnifiers utilise Eschenbach Optik's lightweight PXM material aspheric lenses to provide powers of 3x, 3.5x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 7x, l0x and 12.5x.
The final newcomer from Bushnell is the "Transition," a fixed 3X magnifier that can sit behind any red dot sight.
Spectacle magnifiers were most commonly prescribed in 44% of patients followed by telescopes in 38% of patients.
Zoomax Technology Co., Limited, a global and professional low vision equipment supplier, designs, manufactures, and sells the highest quality and most cost-effective video magnifiers. Their product range covers handheld, portable, and desktop video magnifiers.
Joshua said: "Many people, both at home and abroad, can't afford digital magnifiers and I feel this could be the solution.
Large diameter illuminated magnifiers ranging from 2x to video types.
The lucky winners will receive a host of minibeast-themed prizes including bug magnifiers and membership of the Trust's nature detectives club.
159), the indication that video magnifiers are considered optical devices (p.
Video magnifiers are video cameras with magnification capabilities of up to 90 times the original size.
Then it's time to seek out assistance from internationally-renowned specialist Gil Smith, whose Billingham company sells the North's biggest range of electronic magnifiers designed to make life easier for the low vision sufferer.