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To increase the apparent size of, especially with a lens.
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The discovery was made using the lensing power of the mammoth galaxy cluster Abell 2744, nicknamed Pandora's Cluster, which produced three magnified images of the same, faint galaxy.
Justin Evans from North Wales Fire and Rescue Service, said the sun''s rays can be magnified by a lens, or a magnifying mirror, and become focused on a nearby object.
In ordinary use, the magnified image is not seen as it is blocked by polarising filters set in a companion pair of spectacles.
Watch commander Andy Marshall, of Elland fire brigade, said: "It is very unusual but I did have a job some time ago where the sun was magnified by a shaving mirror.
In Distributed Views mode, the screen is divided into several areas to display various elements simultaneously, magnified to double their original size.
The strong spring sunshine coming through a window was magnified and then set fire to clothing at a house on Hill Street in Menai Bridge yesterday afternoon.
Don't be shy - after all, even brittle bones can become things of beauty when magnified thousands of times.
users can switch from non-magnified close quarter combat to magnified extended range target engagement within a matter of seconds.
SEM magnifies the region of interest, while EDS acquires spectra of the chemical elements present in the magnified section.
The problem of pirating and counterfeiting has been magnified with online availability making it a cinch to steal artistic and scientific creations: a habit which is draining our core economy, maintains author Pat Choate.
Aaron Horkey's artwork brings back those haunting images of the past with crazy transformations of decayed matter along with magnified views of insects, bone assemblies and megafauna that will make any paleontologist and the most seasoned forensic scientist wet themselves.
Although established only six years ago, the CIP's special value was magnified following the September 11 terror attacks.