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To increase the apparent size of, especially with a lens.
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Caption: Using a magnified lens in your bow sight can help you aim better, but it can also blur the target and widen pin gaps at longer ranges.
The second activity, Magnified Pattern Blocks, began with a focus on building shapes using pattern blocks that were "magnified" versions of the "original" pattern blocks; i.
It is possible Hubble is only detecting one bright clump magnified due to the lensing.
Wearers can switch it on by changing the filters on the spectacles so the only light falling on their retina comes from the magnified stream.
This enables images to maintain fine details even when magnified by more than 4 times (more than 16 times the number of pixels), making it possible to distinguish small and distant subjects, which was difficult with conventional technologies.
The strong sunshine magnified by the magnifying glass was enough to set fire to the clothes.
Don't be shy - after all, even brittle bones can become things of beauty when magnified thousands of times.
users can switch from non-magnified close quarter combat to magnified extended range target engagement within a matter of seconds.
The answer is a mouse colon, magnified a frightening 740 times.
SEM magnifies the region of interest, while EDS acquires spectra of the chemical elements present in the magnified section.
It can also send an image magnified up to 600X into a multimedia device such as a projector, monitor, TV, or video recorder.
Although established only six years ago, the CIP's special value was magnified following the September 11 terror attacks.